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Meditation Exploration Class

Treat yourself to a night of stress relief and create a feeling of inner calm.

Meditation Exploration Class

Meditation Exploration Class

Work, kids, hectic schedules, your IN LAWS!!! AHHH!

It can all be so overwhelming, especially for us Super Women!

Let’s face it, the stresses of your life probably won’t change, but the way you handle them can!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to learn how to control and manage your stress? How about living a life with less anxiety and worry?

I’m here to show you that you CAN create feelings of inner peace in this crazy fast paced world with my Meditation Exploration Class.


  • How to silence the chatter in your mind with Mantras
  • Stress reliving breathing techniques
  • How visualization creates a deeper meditation experience
  • The meaning behind chakras

Treat yourself to a night of stress relief with my Meditation Exploration Class.

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"She has held my hand through my complaints and worries. I am eternally grateful for her help, friendship and knowledge."
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