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Why you NEED to get Grounded!

Learn why Grounding is vital for great health!

Why you NEED to get Grounded!

How many of you feel like you “live in your head” and daydream a lot? 
How many times do you feel scattered, foggy, forgetful and unfocused?
Do you ever feel disconnected to yourself and others?
How many brilliant ideas have you had…that never became reality?
Sounds like you? Read on!

Many of my clients, especially the ones that are either uber creative, very sensitive and/or have young children, tend to be “over-thinkers.” They have thoughts swirling constantly in their heads and have a hard time controlling and organizing it. This can make them feel disorganized, out of touch and anxious.

In the world of Chakras and energy fields, these over thinkers tend to have a lot of energy concentrated around their heads, their Third Eye and Crown Chakra, and not enough energy in their Root Chakra; aka: legs and feet.

Balancing these Chakras are key to fabulous health! In the words of my yoga teacher, “You can’t Rise Up, until you Ground Down.” I take this to mean you can’t be the best version of yourself, until you are balanced. An easy way to get more balanced is called Grounding.

Grounding, or Earthing, is a way to connect to the Earth on a physical and spiritual way. It’s an effective tool to bring you back into the present; making you fully aware of your surroundings, your body, and your mind.

You can easily ground just by being in nature! Touching trees, soil, sand, and grass can instantly ground you energetically.

Here is another simple way to ground:

  • Stand up tall, equally distributing your weight on both feet. Being barefoot and standing in sand or soil is ideal but you can do this with shoes on, anywhere you have 5 minutes of alone time.
  • Close your eyes and take some deep belly breathes. Try and quiet the mind chatter by concentrating on your breath.
  • Now imagine roots, like tree or plant roots, or a cord coming out from the base of your feet. These are strong and stable. They reach all the way, deep into the earth. You should feel supported, tall and powerful.
  • Now concentrate on your posture, working from your feet up towards your head. Lift up on your quads, tighten your abs, and imagine space between each vertebra. Your shoulders should be back away from your ears. Your face relaxed and your head level.
  • Stay in this powerful pose with your thoughts focused on rising high while feeling a very strong pull down from the Earth.

You are strong.
You are supported.
You are powerful.
You are connected.


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