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Are YOU ready for P90X2?

In the sequel to Beachbody’s best-selling workout program Tony Horton helps P90X grads can get even stronger, more flexible, and more ripped.

Are YOU ready for P90X2?

...after the first 90 days, I was in better shape than I have been my entire life.

I have to admit. When I first saw the P90X infomercial, I laughed. “There is no way I will be able to do all of that!” I said to myself. Yet, I didn’t change the channel. I was intrigued by the results but of course scoffed at it because it’s a cheesy infomercial. What good are any of these products anyway?! Yet, I didn’t change the channel.

I caved and bought P90X for my husband because this workout wasn’t for me! It was way too “manly”; too many pushups, jumping jacks, weights. Nope. I’ll stick to my treadmill and elliptical workouts . They gave me results. Well, they kinda gave me results. Actually I got ZERO results from them. Just boredom and an ever growing hatred for all exercise equipment.

The package arrived and sat, unopened, for one month. My husband didn’t take the initiative; maybe he was just as hesitant as I was. I couldn’t take looking at an unopened box so I made a plan. We start TODAY I proclaimed! I opened the box, picked the first workout and did it.

To my complete and utter amazement, I LOVED it. The first workout, Core Synergistics was actually FUN. FUN? A workout? Really? Don’t get me wrong, it was hard and I couldn’t do a lot of the moves at first. But after the first 90 days, I was in better shape than I have been my entire life.

Fast forward two years. I’m 30 lbs lighter and ready for my new challenge - P90X2.

Did that preview pump you up or what?!

So here’s what you’ll want to know about P90X2:

  • P90X2 is a 90 day workout program (5 days a week) with 13 workouts
  • If you’re an athlete who wants to improve your performance, a former athlete who wants to get back into shape, or have finished other extreme programs like P90X, Insanity or Turbofire, this workout is for you.
  • You HAVE to pre-order starting Sept. 1st in order for holiday delivery. This workout will no doubt sell out.
  • If you pre-order, you receive free shipping.

Sign up for a FREE account on my Team Beachbody website so you can pre-order P90X2 today!


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I’m not eiasly impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! smile

By Nonie on November 24, 2011 | VZSHVrYuPzovdnT

Hey, Shari!Yeah, it’s pretty easy to fall off the wagon if you are tinryg to eat 100% perfectly. I usually hit around the 90% mark, although I have already tightened things up for Phase II.One of the best ways to make up for a lack of perfection when it comes to nutrition is to crank up the intensity on the workouts to burn off some extra calories. I just did Plyometrics last night and I jumped around higher and longer than any of the previous plyo workouts, and it was awesome. My legs are really sore today, but it was worth it!  Great job on sticking with it, Shari!

By Deena on July 10, 2014 | zE99OWkP4NSx

"She has an amazing wealth of knowledge and thrives on sharing it in order to help you improve your health."
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