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Busting Diet Myths

With all of the nutrition advice floating around, it’s hard to decipher what’s true or not. Here are some myths that have been proven false.
Diet Myth #1: All calories are created equal.
While eating the proper amount of calories for your body is important, experts agree that it’s more important to focus on the quality of the food. 100 calories of fruit is not the same as 100 calories of a Weight Watcher’s brownie. The fruit has vitamins and minerals you need. The brownie has artificial ingredients that are not only unhealthy but can actually cause adverse side effects like cravings.

Diet Myth #2: Fat makes you fat.
Remember that low fat craze we were obsessed with years ago? Well, it made us fatter. That’s because low fat foods are high in sugar and artificial ingredients that wreak havoc on our bodies. Studies are showing that fat is not the enemy and your mind and body functions better with healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds and coconut oil.

Diet Myth #3: “Diet” and “Sugar Free” foods will help you lose weight.
Put down your diet soda and listen up. Any food that says “Diet” or “Sugar Free” are filled with artificial sweeteners, flavors, food dyes and other ingredients one should never be ingesting. Ever.

Diet Myth #4: Salt is bad for you.
This one is half right. Salt is bad for you-if it’s table salt. Salt in chips, pretzels, sauces, frozen meals, etc., will increase your chances of hypertension and the complications that go along with it. Himalayan and Sea Salt, on the other hand, are quite nutritious for you. They contain trace minerals we need for proper body function.

Diet Myth #5: Carbs make you fat
Pasta doesn’t make you fat. It’s the lack of portion control that does. Pasta, rice, potatoes and other carbohydrates are fine in moderation. If you are sensitive to sugar, then a grain-free diet might be helpful. Grain free is not carb free as you can still get carbohydrates via vegetables and fruit.

Diet Myth #6: Eating six small meals a day keeps your metabolism revving.
Here’s the deal: Some people do really well with six small meals a day. Others do just fine with three large balanced meals. The trick is to find what works for you.

Diet Myth #7: Dairy helps with weight loss.
It’s not the glass of milk that helps in weight loss; it’s the calcium. Milk is congesting, acidic and inflammatory so it’s best to get your calcium in dairy free forms like almonds, beans, vegetables, sesame seeds and oranges. 

Diet Myth #8: A strict diet is the only way to lose weight.
A strict diet will cause temporary weight loss but the psychological impact of being on a restrictive diet catches up and you end of gaining the weight back. The tried and true way to lose weight is to create a dietary lifestyle you can live with!

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